About Me

I was born and raised on Canada’s West Coast, where I enjoy my family, great friends and beautiful surroundings. Activities I enjoy are fishing, mountain biking, nature viewing and tennis. I want to share my talents and personal journeys with the world, as we are all deeply connected.

I am a humble Squamish B.C. based self-taught technical illustrator, who enjoys both ink and digital mediums, as well as exploring digital and film photography.

I also enjoy composing music on a variety of hardware synthesizers, and have recently started scoring music for a Montreal based short film production. I find making music very rewarding.

As for my professional career (1986-2001), I previously spent 14 years implementing and managing various ISO9000/Mil Std.-45208a quality systems for small to medium sized B.C. based high-tech electronic and FRP manufacturing firms. I also carried out assembly and testing duties for various B.C. based lighting control, telecom and SCADA firms. I have BCIT certification in both ‘Quality for Service Industries’ (2002) and Custom Soldering (1994) as well as, strong hands-on experience with the IPC-610 workmanship standards .

I have worked for the following high-technology firms Glenayre, Anatek, Dilor Industries, Westsun, Nexus, Unitec, and Cadex.

I am currently in my fourth term as a Director of the Squamish based Inside Edge Knowledge Industry Association:

Inside Edge – The Sea to Sky Technology Community

Inside-Edge-Knowledge-Association – Meetup.com .

I have had to overcome two major personal tragedies, as I was a passenger in a horrible car accident in 1981, that instantly left me paralyzed from the neck down. I was finally stabilized via two major spinal fusion surgeries and spent seven months in hospital.

If that wasn’t enough for any person to overcome, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2002 and given two weeks to live. I then underwent a life saving stem cell transplant in 2002, for which I am now cured.

Since 2004, I have coped well with a permanent dry eye condition, as a result of Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD).

Both of these stories and a few other journeys can be found by clicking on the above ‘Why I Love Life’ page.

The power of my mind, creative visualization, spirituality, patience and empathy played a major part in both of my ordeals, as well as being the consistent driving force in my day to day life. Furthermore, These tools can enhance ones life in so many ways, yet very few people understand them.

My personal mantras are “I Live to Love and Love to Live” and “I Thrive Being Alive”


*I could not have pulled this site off, without the fantastic knowledge, experience and effort that both, David O and Olly W, have shown throughout this amazing project. Thanks so much guys!